Environmental Initiatives

Council for Responsible SportSilver Certificate Awarded - Gold Certification Aspired To

The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run received the silver certificate by the Council for Responsible Sports in 2011. An event must earn at least 22 of 44 available credits to achieve the first-level of certification. We applied for 29 credits and earned 27 credits, which qualified the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run for the second-level silver certification. The 2013 event is seeking Gold Certification.

While working with the event environmental consulting firm Eco-Logistics (www.Eco-Logistics.biz), we expanded a wide variety of efforts aimed at being environmentally responsible. Some of our initiatives included:

  • Providing iGiftBags (virtual goody bags) this year in an effort to reduce waste. Runners received an email with information and special offers.
  • We ceased the printing of paper entry registration forms and the extensive results book (.pdf versions of both were available on the race website www.cherryblossom.org instead).
  • We established procedures to collect post-race food for composting.
  • We ensured that water bottles and race cups used are of the most environmentally-friendly materials and that they are recycled post-race. 
  • The D tags were collected and recycled at the end of the race.
  • There was an opportunity to recycle race bibs either at the race site or for discounts at one of our vendors, who will recycle them as well. 
  • Pins were collected and recycled. 
  • We encourage the use of Metro to travel to the race and offer a bike parking area. 
  • We continue to work with our vendors and contractors to seek environmentally appropriate ways of staging the event.
  • Most importantly, we depended on you, the runners, to help us accomplish the “greening” of our race.  By your cooperation with and participation in our “greening” efforts we were successful in our first attempt at certification and will continue our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our event.

Council for Responsible Sport

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