Capitol Hill Competition Team Rules

This page describes the rules and procedures for the Congressional Team Competition, including the following topics:

Team Composition

Congressional Teams are only for the Ten Mile Run. There is no team competition in the 5K Run-Walk. 

Congressional Teams are mixed teams of men and women consisting of three to five persons. At least one scoring runner of each team must be of each sex (i.e. no all men's or all women's teams). Family members of Members of Congress are the only non-Hill employees allowed to be on Hill Teams. Everyone else must work on Capitol Hill. Senate teams must include two members of the office that the team is representing and up to three members who must work on the Senate side of the Hill (but not necessarily in the same office). The same policy is in effect on the House side. Congressional Teams will compete in two divisions -- House teams and Senate teams. Capitol Hill Agency teams (Congressional Budget Office, Library of Congress, U.S. Capitol Police) may compete on either the House side or the Senate side. The Team Captain will declare which side when setting up the team.


Each team division will be scored separately (e.g., House team members will run against only other House team members.) Team scoring will be based on the sum of the order of finish times of the first three finishers on each team. In case of a tie, the team with the highest placing third place runner will break the tie. At least one male and one female must finish and be included in the team score. For example, if the team's finisher order is Joe, Fred, John, Mary, and Steve, then the team's score will be computed by adding Joe's, Fred's, and Mary's times. Teams in each division will be ranked in ascending order of aggregate time (i.e., lowest combined time wins).

Warning: If any ineligible runner competes on a team, the entire team will be disqualified.

Team Competition Awards

Awards will be presented to the top three teams in the Senate Team Division and the top three teams in the House Team Division.

Best Team Name Awards

Special team awards will be presented to the best team name in the Senate Team Division and in the House Team Division. We encourage Team Captains to create team names that feature the name of the Member or Committee which the team is representing. Be creative. The Best Team name awards will be presented after race day on a date to be determined. Click Here for a list of previous team name award winners.

Team Captains

A Team Captain must be designated for each team and will be the primary point of contact for the team. The Team Captain is responsible for assembling and communicating with team members and ensuring that the individual entries and the team entry are completed on time. The Team Captain is also responsible for making necessary changes to the team, including substitutions. The Team Captain does not need to be competing in the race.

Team Entry Deadline

The deadline for Congressional team entries is 11:59 p.m. on February 28, 2019.

Team Entry Procedures

Team entry for the Capitol Hill Team Competition at the 2019 Credit Union Cherry Blossom opens on February 1, 2019 and closes on February 28, 2019.


The Team Captain will receive confirmation of the team's acceptance via e-mail.

For Further Information

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Turner at