Not Getting Our Emails?

We have received emails and calls from a number of people indicating that they are not receiving the emails we have been sending out regarding race information. Since most of our communication regarding the race is done by email, including the dissemination of race confirmation and instructions, we would like to be able to reach as many of you as possible. So if you have not been hearing from us

1. Is It Being Treated As Spam?

The most likely reason for this is that your email program or ISP is filtering out our emails as spam. What to do?

Check your Junk or Spam folder for emails regarding the Credit Union Cherry Blossom.

Add the following email addresses to your "white list" or "safe senders" list or however your particular email program allows you to indicate particular email addresses that you want to receive email from:

2. Did You Ever Request Removal?

It might be that at some point in the past you were receiving emails from us, but decided that you no longer wanted to hear from us. If at any time in the last 5 years you clicked the SafeUnsubscribe link at the bottom of any email and requested removal, or if you sent us an email requesting removal, then you have been permanently removed from our database. We use Constant Contact for sending out most of our race emails, and they have very strict anti-spam rules. If you requested removal at any time, there is absolutely no way that we can add you back in. This can only be accomplished by you, the user. If you suspect that this might be the case with your email address, please visit and follow the instructions there.

Constant Contact will then send you an email to Update your Profile. Once you get in to Update your Profile, make sure you check the box next to the list called "2013 Notification Request,"which will put you on our list for 2013, or if you have gained entry for 2012 and would like to receive 2012 emails, check the "2012 Entrants" box (you can request to be included on more than one list, if appropriate).

3. Perhaps We Just Don't Have Your Email Address.

If you think we don't have your email address, don't worry. If you included your correct email address when you registered for the 2012 Lottery, then we now have your address. As long as our emails aren't being filtered as spam (see #1 above), or you have never requested removal from our list (see #2 above), you should receive our future emails with no problem.