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Registration for the 2017 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk Is Being Conducted by Lottery Starting on Thursday, December 1, 2016
NOTE: Kids' Run Registration will not open until early January, 2017.

Before you click the link below to begin your Online Lottery Registration, please read this page IN ITS ENTIRETY.
This will help answer your questions before you begin the lottery process. 

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Note: You may register any time between December 1 and December 12. Your chance of being selected is not affected by the time that you register, so if the server is busy, just try again later. If you click this link before the lottery opens, you will be requested to return early on the morning of December 1.

Kids' Run Registration

Kids' Run Registration will NOT open until January 9, 2017. It will not be held in conjunction with registration for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile and 5K Run-Walk. Visit http://www.cherryblossom.org/theraces/kidsrun.php for details on the Kids' Run, which will be held on Saturday, April 1 at 10:00 A.M. at the National Building Museum (in conjunction with the Health & Fitness Expo and Packet Pickup).

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The Results of the Lottery Will Be Posted Here By 10 AM on Thursday, Dec. 15

Lottery Details

Entrants will be able to register for the lottery over a 12-day period between Thursday December 1, 2016 and 11:59 P.M. on Monday, December 12, 2016. Entrants will be electronically selected for the Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk after the lottery registration period closes.

The names of everyone who entered the lottery – with notification of whether they were accepted into the race or not – will be posted on the event website by 10 A.M. on Thursday, December 15. All lottery registrants will receive an email indicating their status as well. (These emails may precede the posting of the list on the website.) Individuals (and Lottery Groups) not selected will not have their credit cards charged for the entry fee or for any ancillary items purchased such as the Under Armour “Upgrade” performance shirts.

Visit Lottery FAQ for more information.

Lottery Groups - Disbanded After Lottery Is Held

The lottery will be able to handle “Lottery Groups” of up to 10 people. This is designed to allow families and other groups either to get in or not get in as a Lottery Group. Each Lottery Group has exactly the same chance of getting in as each single individual. The first person in a Lottery Group will set up the group, give it a name (such as "The Jones Family Runners") and register himself or herself as the first member of the Lottery Group. When subsequent members go to register, they will be able to affiliate with that Lottery Group by using a drop down menu on the registration form. Please note that no additional members can be added to a Lottery Group after the lottery period closes. The Lottery Groups exist only for purposes of entering the lottery. Once the lottery is held, the Lottery Groups are disbanded. Lottery Groups may consist of runners entered in both the 10 Mile and the 5K Run-Walk. The event the runner who creates the lottery group registers for will determine if the Lottery Group is entered into the 10 Mile Run or 5K Run-Walk lottery.

You must sign up either as an individual or as part of a Lottery Group – not both – and you will not be able to change your status from individual registrant to Lottery Group registrant once you have signed up. Individuals signing up as both individuals and as a member of a Lottery Group will have all of their registrations rejected.

Each Lottery Group will be treated exactly the same as an individual runner when the electronic selections are made. In other words, a Lottery Group has exactly the same chance to get into the race as any individual runner.

Please remember that these Lottery Groups are only for purposes of entering the lottery. The Lottery Groups cease to exist after the individual lottery group members are accepted or rejected. No additional individuals can be added to Lottery Groups once the lottery sign-up period is closed. Lottery Groups have no relationship with Teams in our Team Competition. Teams may be formed from runners who are accepted into the race after the lottery is over. For details about team competition please contact Team Coordinator George Banker at teams@cherryblossom.org or visit http://www.cherryblossom.org/generalinfo/teamcompete.php for more information.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for the 2016 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk are as follows:

Ten Mile Run: $43
5K Run-Walk: $33

We have kept our entry fees low in order to make the race accessible to all. We offer a basic short-sleeved, cotton or 50-50 race t-shirt for everyone, but if you prefer you will be given the opportunity during the registration to upgrade your shirt to a technical t-shirt ($20) and order a finisher's medal ($14). There is an approximately $3.70 service fee for online registrations (more if additional items are purchased).

Charity Entries

You can bypass the anxiety of the lottery and help treat sick children by signing up to become a Charity Race Entry Participant.  To qualify as a Charity Race Entry Participant, you need to raise $500 dollars for our official race charity, Credit Unions for Kids.  Every dollar raised for Credit Unions for Kids will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network, a network of 170 non profit children’s hospitals located across North America.

For more information about becoming a Charity Race Entry Participant, please go to our official fundraising website at http://www.helpmakemiracles.org/event/cherryblossom/ . 

The 2017 race marks the sixteenth year Credit Unions have sponsored the run in support of Credit Unions for Kids and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Over $7.5 million dollars for children’s hospitals has been raised during this time. Join thousands of runners and over a hundred Credit Unions and Credit Union partners to help provide local kids with state-of-the-art care, cutting edge research and treatment for every disease and injury imaginable. Remember, all funds you raise go to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital which supports your community.

Volunteer and Seeded Runner Entries

All 2016 volunteers should have received information on how to obtain their guaranteed entries. If you have not received your guaranteed entry code and instructions (be sure to check your spam folder too!!), please contact Volunteer Coordinator Nita Roncone at nita@cherryblossom.org. Individuals with guaranteed entries do not need to enter the lottery. These entries must be submitted before February 28, 2017, and they are transferable. If you, or someone you know, would like to volunteer for the 2017 race, visit http://www.cherryblossom.org/generalinfo/volunteer.php (regular volunteer signup starts on December 1; medical volunteer signup will begin later).

The same policies as in the past will apply for “Seeded” runners. Qualifying standards for seeded runners are posted on the event website. Contact Seeded Runner Coordinator Kevin McHale at seededrunners@cherryblossom.org for details.

One Hundred Mile Club

One Hundred Mile Club members must enter the lottery. One Hundred Mile Club members have completed at least 100 miles in any combination of the 10 mile or the 5K results (i.e. 10 completions of the 10 mile equals 100 miles; 9 completions of the 10 mile and four completions of the 5K equals 102 miles, etc.), either in a row or non-consecutively. If you are a One Hundred Mile Club member and you do not get in through the lottery, you can gain a guaranteed "One Hundred Mile Club" entry, which will be accepted if submitted before February 1, 2017. If you are rejected in the lottery and feel you qualify, please send an email to searchable@cherryblossom.org. If you are uncertain if you qualify, you can check your status on the revised All-Time Searchable database, available at http://www.cballtimeresults.org/. Remember, please do not apply for a "One Hundred Mile Club" guaranteed entry unless you are rejected in the lottery. One Hundred Mile Club requests received before the lottery results are posted will not be considered.

Two-Time Lottery Reject Entries

Entries for individuals rejected in the 2015 and 2016 lotteries closes at 11:59 P.M. on Wednesday, November 30. No advance action is required on your part - we know who you are.

Guaranteed Entries for 2017 Through Teens Run DC

Guaranteed entries also are available through our partnership with Teens Run DC. TRDC is recruiting Mentors now for the 2016–17 season! TRDC partners with DC Public Schools to empower underserved middle and high school youth through a mentoring and distance running program. Run or walk with a student and together you will set and achieve goals for training, racing, and life.

Mentors commit to participating in Saturday morning group runs with their Mentees; maintaining contact with their Mentees during the week; and attending TRDC races, events, and monthly Mentor Training sessions.

For more information and to apply, go to http://www.teensrundc.org/get-involved/volunteers/, or contact jen@teensrundc.org.

E-Mail Notifications

Nearly all of the communications regarding the race will be done via email. Due to the high volume of emails, we cannot take time to fill out forms to get our messages past personal spam filters. To help make sure that our emails will reach you and will not be treated as spam, you should add the following email addresses to your "white list" or "safe senders" list or however your particular email program allows you to indicate particular email addresses that you want to receive email from:

Note: If you have ever requested to be removed from our mailing list for any reason, our email program does not allow us to add you back in. You will have to sign yourself up again. Just visit our Email Notification Signup page. If you have a problem, send an email to webmaster@cherryblossom.org.

The 10 Mile is limited to 15,000 finishers; the 5K Run-Walk to 1,500 finishers.

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