Team Competition Entry Process

Team creation and registration is a two-step process that is undertaken entirely by the Team Captain – first creating a team, and then placing runners onto that team – and it must be done in this order. Only those runners who successfully entered the 2019 race may be placed on a team (see Team Member Exemption Policy below for exceptions). (Note: There is a separate team registration for teams competing in the Capitol Hill Team Competition. Details about Capitol Hill team registration can be found at Hill teams should not register in the Government division listed below.)

Team Entry Fees

  • $50: Corporate, Government, Military, Embassy, Media, Credit Union, and Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team;
  • $20: Running Club teams (Open Men, Open Women and Mixed Masters)

Step 1: Creating a Team

A team must be created and the team entry fee paid before runners can be entered onto a team. Prospective team captains (who are not required to be entrants in the race, although they may be) should visit to create the team.

If this is the first 2019 team you are creating as a team captain, you will need to “Create a Profile.” If you have already registered another team for the 2019 race, you will be asked to provide your User ID and password. (Note: user IDs and passwords from previous years are not retained; you must “Create a Profile” for the 2019 race even if you had one in the past.)

Once you have created your profile as a Team Captain, you may create your team. Please note these important team policies:

  1. Creating a team and paying the team entry fee does not register the team captain or any team member for the Cherry Blossom Ten-Mile. It only registers an empty team.
  2. A single Team Captain may create more than one team.
  3. You will select a Team Division from one of the categories below. Elite Running Store teams should register for the Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team Division. Non-elite Running Store teams may register in the Running Club division if they are an RRCA club, or in the Corporate division if they are not. Team members must be full-time employees (30 hours/week minimum) of the organization except as noted below. All Corporate teams are mixed teams. Click here for Team Composition Requirements.
  4. You will pay the Team Entry Fee:
    • $50: Corporate, Government, Military, Embassy, Media, Credit Union, Elite Running Store and Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team;
    • $20: Running Club teams.

Note: The team fees are in addition to the individual runner entry fee of $47.00.

STEP 2: Placing Runners onto a Team

Team Captains will place runners onto teams by using the “Manage Teams” function available when Team Captains log in at When clicking the “Manage Teams” option, the Team Captain will be able to search for individually registered runners and “draft” them on to the team. The rules regarding the placement of runners onto teams are as follows:

  1. Each prospective team member must be already registered in the race, except as outlined below under “Team Member Exemption Policy.”
  2. Only Team Captains may place – or remove – already registered runners onto or off of teams. These actions must be accomplished through the “Team Tools” function available to Team Captains when they are logged in.

Team Member Exemption Policy
Team Captains may consult with Team Coordinator George Banker ( if 1-2 additional runners are needed to fill out a team. At his discretion, Team Coordinator George Banker may issue 1-2 additional entry codes to a Team Captain for distribution to prospective new team members. These individuals must register for the race and notify the Team Captain when they are entered. Then the Team Captain will return through the “Team Captain Tools” and add the runners to the team. There are a limited number of guaranteed entries available to fill out teams until February 1. Team registration closes at 11:59 P.M. on February 28, 2019.

Team Entry Deadline

The deadline for creating teams and filling rosters is 11:59 P.M. on February 28, 2019. Earlier team creation is strongly suggested as we reserve the right to limit the number of teams in any division. The Team Captain may make additions (up to the maximum of five team members), substitutions or deletions to his team from previously registered runners (except as outlined above) online through the Team Captain Tools until this deadline. Substitutions after the deadline must be made in accordance with the more restrictive policy at the Team Table at the Health and Fitness Expo on Friday, April 5 or Saturday, April 6, 2019. Details for race weekend substitutions are available at Team Packet Pick-up, Corrections, and Substitutions.

Confirmations: The Team Captain will be emailed a confirmation of the team members after team registration is closed. The team captain may review this information at any time by accessing the “Team Tools” function at