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Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run & 5K Walk/Run

Race Committee

Race Committee

No race of the quality of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run would be possible without a dedicated and experienced race committee and hundreds of volunteers. Below are listed the Cherry Blossom Race Committee. Behind each of them are our volunteers. If you would like to be among those who make this one of the best races in the nation, check out the Volunteer Information section of this site.


Credit Union Cherry Blossom Board of Directors


Jean Arthur

Vice President
Kirt West

Michelle Carter

Rob Wolfe

At Large Board Members
Pam Balcke
Charlie Harr
Kari Keaton
Heather Mundwiler
Nita Roncone

Board of Directors Ex Officio Members
Phil Stewart
Becky Lambros
Irv Newman
Shannon Ross
Dennis Steinauer


Credit Union Cherry Blossom Staff

Event Director
Phil Stewart

Deputy Director
Becky Lambros

Programs and Administrative Manager
Shannon Ross

Kerri Hill


Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race Committee

5K Run-Walk Coordinators
Eve Mills
Leanne Till

5K Run-Walk Food Coordinator
Leslie Williams

Timing and Scoring
Ryan Morris, Delmo Sports

Amenities Coordinator
Michelle Carter

Creigh Kelley

Awards Coordinator
Nancy Betress

Bag Check Coordinators
Annette Sanks

Bike Valet
Sam Aggarwal

Capitol Hill Competition Coordinator
Sarah Turner

Jenny Keehan

Corrals Coordinator
Rob Wolfe

Course Recorders
Steve Broyles
Collins Downing
Rob Holt

Drayage Coordinator
Danny Talmage

Drayage Team
Tony Blair

Drug Testing Coordinator
Kelly Ashworth

Elite Athlete Coordinators
Bill Orr
Susan Orr

Elite Athlete Deputy Coordinator
Ryan Hogan

Elite Athletes Team
Jennifer Maranzano
Elizabeth Unislawski

Embassy Coordinator
Janette Yarwood

Entertainment Coordinator
Valerie Connaughton

Steve Del Monte

Expo Coordinator
Julie Novak
Heather Ruane

Expo Flow
Mychal Guyton

Food Coordinator
Peggy Posey

Gator Guru
Samantha Smith-Pritchard

Hall of Fame Coordinator
George Banker

Head Judge
Dan Yi

Hotel Coordinator and Concierge
Adrian Safar

Information Coordinator
Denise Zawitowski

Ed Murray

Kickoff Coordinators
Anna Finlay
John Hall
Adrian Safar
Begona Vilacostas

Kids Run Co-Directors
Nancy Brooks
Kari Keaton

Kids Run Support
Dave Keaton

Les Kinion Award Coordinator
Jeff Darman

Logistics Coordinator
Charlie Harr

Charice Smith
Ryan Sparks

Medals Distribution Coordinator
Charles Walker

Medals Distribution Assistants
Naterra Walker
Tendai Kajese

Media Coordinators
Kristin Loflin
Keith Peters

Media Team
Mary Hanley

Betty Wang, MD, Co-Medical Director
David Martin, Co-Medical Director
Rachel Miller, Co-Medical Coordinator

Merchandise Coordinator
Muffet Chatterton
Howard Chatterton

Merchandise Deputy
Sandy Lamparello

Susan Green

Packet Pick-up Coordinators
Dennis Jeney
Leah Rochelle

Photography Coordinator
Bob Burgess

Photography Team
George Banker
Dan Kolansky
Bob Mallet
Clay Shaw
Dennis Steinauer

Police Coordinator
Matt DeVere

Mark Heinicke

Publications Production
Bob DiIorio

Radios Coordinator
Kenny Donovan

Radios and VIP Parking Support
Rick McDonald

Recording Secretary
Howard Chatterton
Susan Green

Seeded Runners
Sara Baugh

Sentries Coordinators
Jimmy Marino
Bruce Lung

Signage Coordinators
Ted Cochrane

Social Media Coordinator
Sarah Beth House

Social Media Facebook Coordinator
Kristen Byers

Social Media Twitter Specialist
Nicholas Brown

Social Media Instagram Specialist
Jina Freiberg

Special Assignments
Kathy Hill

Special Needs Coordinator
Diane Hill

Special Projects
Phil Quinn

Sustainability Coordinators
Kim Nemire
Jennifer Dickman

Sustainability Team
Tim Marlow
Josh Callahan
Nicole Callahan

Teams Coordinator and Historian
George Banker

T-shirt Design Contest Coordinators
Arlene Solbeck
Steve Solbeck

T-shirt Distribution Coordinator
Derek Honda
Jared McGrath

T-shirt Exchange Coordinator
Anne Arena

Unified Command Center Coordinator
Phil Pommerening

Vehicles Coordinator
Tom Filippone

VIP Parking Coordinator
Scott Hillkirk

Virtual Run
Eva Greenberg

Virtual Training Coaches
Carla Mae Aguinaldo
Kimela West
Kirt West

Virtual Training Program Facebook Coordinator
Renee West

Volunteer Coordinator
Nita Roncone

Volunteer Team Captain
Laura Brown

Volunteer Team
Payal Thomas
Marsha Way

Water Stops Coordinator
Jean Arthur

Pam Balcke