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Exhibitor Sustainability

Sustainability Efforts for Exhibitors at the Health & Fitness Expo

Each year, approximately 10 tons of waste are generated at the Expo/Race.  With your help, nearly 90% of that waste can be donated, composted or recycled!   

Exhibitors are asked to review our mandatory sustainability efforts below. Thank you in advance for helping us be Green!

  • Trash bin at your booth:
    • The small trash bin at your booth should be used for trash only! **Please remember to not put recyclables or compostables in this bin – instead, take these items to the waste stations (with bins for recyclables, compostables, and trash) that will be located around the Expo floor. 
    • Please remember to keep this bin behind your table – any bins found to be in front of your table will be removed.
  • Cardboard boxes and plastic bags/film:
    • Volunteers will be circulating this year to help take broken-down cardboard boxes and plastic bags & film away from your booth. The specific holding area for these items is still being determined and more information will be provided closer to the Expo.
  • Food & food service ware:
    • All food items are compostable and should be placed in compost bins at the waste stations located around the floor.
    • Any BPI-certified compostable food service ware should also be placed in the compost bins.
  • Beverages:
    • Please empty beverage containers and recycle them in the bin at your booth or at the waste stations.
  • Sampling:
    • If you plan to sample food/beverage, please follow DC regulations for food service ware — https://doee.dc.gov/foodserviceware 
    • Some main points:
      • No polystyrene (crumbly foam) containers, including cups/bowls/clamshells
      • No single-use non-compostable plastic straws/stirrers
      • We ask you go beyond these requirements and only provide food service ware that is compostable and BPI-certified, to fully utilize the Expo’s compost hauling services. **Exhibitors that comply with this request will receive a sign that designates you as a Green Food/Drink Exhibitor to show attendees which businesses are engaging in more sustainable food service ware practices. To confirm your commitment to this request, or if you have questions about it, please email Jen on the sustainability committee at jendickman@gmail.com.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful weekend, and for your help with our efforts to be Green!