10 Mile Lottery Opens December 1


Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run & 5K Walk/Run

100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club Entries

One Hundred Mile Club members must enter the lottery. One Hundred Mile Club members have completed at least 100 miles in any combination of the 10 mile or the 5K results (i.e. 10 completions of the 10 mile equals 100 miles; 9 completions of the 10 mile and four completions of the 5K equals 102 miles, etc.), either in a row or non-consecutively.

If you are a One Hundred Mile Club member and you do not get in through the lottery, you can gain a guaranteed “One Hundred Mile Club” entry (at the prevailing entry fee), which will be accepted if submitted before February 28, 2023. If you are rejected in the lottery and feel you qualify, please send an email to searchable@cherryblossom.org.

If you are uncertain if you qualify, you can check your status on the revised All-Time Searchable database. Note on the All-Time Searchable Database (ATSB): The All-Time Searchable Database, where you can check your eligibility for the 100 Mile Club, is being overhauled. There have been issues with merging some records and with including Virtual Run participation. The updated and fully functioning ATSD will be operational by February 1, 2023. If the ATSD does not show your eligibility for the 100 Mile Club and you feel you are eligible, please wait until after February 1 to confirm your status. If the ATSD currently shows you as a 100 Mile Club Member, you may email us at info@cherryblossom.org if you are rejected in the lottery and we will send you a 100 Mile Club guaranteed entry code.

Remember, please do not apply for a “One Hundred Mile Club” guaranteed entry unless you are rejected in the lottery. One Hundred Mile Club requests received before the lottery results are posted will not be considered.

Note: Submitted Virtual Run results are included in determining membership into the One Hundred Mile Club. However, if you participate in both the Virtual Run and the In-Person Run in any year,  only one of those events will be included.