Number Transfer Procedures

The Number Transfer Process Opens on July 16, 2021 and Will Close at 11:59 PM on July 31, 2021.

As along as entries into the race remain open to all, it may appear that there is no need to have a bib transfer processes. However, there is. For this year’s race, the true beneficiaries of the transfer process are those individuals who have entered the race but have found for some reason – such as a family occasion, travel conflict or (we hope not) an injury – they can no longer participate.

In order to promote transfers as a way for registered runners (“transferors”) with conflicts to transfer their bibs, we are waiving the traditional $15 transfer fee that has been charged to those individuals receiving transferred bibs (“transferees”).

So, if you would like to help out a fellow runner who can no longer participate on September 12, please consider accepting a transferred bib instead of entering the race on your own.

First let’s start with some definitions:

    • Bib Transferor: A registered individual seeking to transfer his or her bib. Click Here for the BIB TRANSFEROR PROCESS
    • Bib Transferee: An individual receiving a transferred bib. Click Here for the TRANSFEREE PROCESS
    • Who Can Transfer: Transfers from entrants in the 10 mile must go to prospective entrants in the 10 mile, and transfers from 5K Run-Walk entrants must go to prospective 5K Run-Walk entrants. However, 10 mile entrants will have an opportunity to change from the 10 mile to the 5K Run-Walk until mid-August.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following extra items upgrade t-shirts, medals, and packet mail-outs transfer to the transferee, so be sure to look for a transfer offer that matches the additional items you would like to receive. (You will be able to specify a new t-shirt size.) Children’s Miracle Network donations do not transfer to the new participant, but the new participant may choose to make their own donation during the transfer process. Carbon offset purchases do not transfer. The prices that can be charged for transferred items appear below. If the transferor did not purchase one or more of these additional items and the transferee would like to purchase them, the transferee can do so by going to

Next, let’s review the transfer process from the perspective of the Bib Transferor and the Bib Transferee.


1. Identifying a person to whom the number will be transferred

If you already know to whom you wish to transfer your number: You may proceed directly to the transfer form. To complete the form, you will need the following information:

    • Your last name, date of birth and zip code as entered on your entry form.
    • Either the last four digits of the credit card used to register OR your invoice/customer number located on your email confirmation.
    • The name and email address of the transferee

Successfully entering the information above will take you to the actual transfer form where you will provide the first name, last name and email of the transferee. Please read carefully and confirm the required terms governing the transfer.

If you do not know to whom you wish to transfer your number: You can post the availability of your number on our transfer bulletin board. You may want to provide a compelling case about why you are unable to participate in the run in order to attract the interest of transferees (who could still enter the race on their own). You can select anyone who has made a posting about seeking a number on the bulletin board.

2. Payment: Once you establish contact with the transferee by either method outlined above and let him or her know of his or her good fortune, you will need to make arrangements privately for the transferee to reimburse your entry fee as well as for any additional items you purchased — upgrade t-shirt, medal, and/or packet mail out. Race rules prohibit charging a premium over what you paid for these items. Violators of this policy will be banned from the race for two years.

Here are the prices you may charge the transferee for any additional items ordered:

  • ASICS performance upgrade shirt: $20.00
  • Finisher’s Medal: $15.00
  • Enhanced Finisher’s Medal with place and time engraved: $23.00
  • Packet Mail Out: $65.00

3. Submit the transfer form: After submitting the transfer form, please notify the transferee it has been sent. The transferee will be sent an Entry Code and must complete the transfer within 72 hours of receiving the code. The codes expire 72 hours after being sent. This is critical.

4. Confirmation of transfer: Shortly after submitting the form you will receive an email from “” with the subject line “Transfer Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Registration – Request Received,” which will recap the specifics of the transfer. Remember, if the code is not used by the transferee within 72 hours you will have to repeat the process to generate a new code.

Please remember that this year neither the transferor nor the transferee will be charged any additional fees for making the transfer.

5. Confirmation of completion of transfer: You will be notified when the transferee has used the code to enter the race. Please note that if a transfer is not completed within 72 hours, the request will be canceled and you will need to resubmit your request.


1. If you do not already have a bib transferor who has agreed to transfer his or her number to you, you may want to optimize your chances of finding a transferor who has the extra items you would like by stating something like, “Willing to accept 10 mile transfer including an Asics upgrade shirt and a medal” etc. on the bulletin board. [Note: If you have been pre-selected by the bib transferor as the transferee, you do not have to post on the bulletin board.]

2. Selection and Payment: Once you have been identified by the transferor as the recipient of his or her registration, you will need to make arrangements privately for reimbursement of the entry fee and fees for any additional items like medals, upgrade, or packet mailout that the bib transferor paid when they registered. Race rules prohibit paying a premium over what the transferor paid for the entry fee and any additional items. Transferors and transferees who violate this policy will be banned from the race for two years. Once satisfied that the terms of the transfer have been fulfilled, the transferor will complete the transfer.

Here are the prices you may be charged by the bib transferor for any additional items ordered:

    • ASICS performance upgrade shirt: $20.00
    • Finisher’s Medal: $15.00
    • Enhanced Finisher’s Medal with place and time engraved: $23.00
    • Packet Mail Out: $65.00

3. Transfer Email: Once the transferor completes the transfer, you will receive an email from “” with the subject line “Transfer Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Registration.” You will find the transfer link contained in this email. The code is contained directly within the transfer link. The code must be used within 72 hours of the transferor sending it, so you should enter the race quickly by clicking “Accept Transfer” on the form.

4. Complete the entry form. You will have the opportunity to purchase additional items, such as upgrade shirts, medals, packet mail outs or make a contribution to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, before completing your registration. However, if the bib transferor purchased any of these items they will not be available for purchase on the form, as those items will be conveyed to you as part of the transfer of registration.

Once registered, your credit card will be charged the entry fee plus the cost of any additional items purchased (and a service fee).

5. Confirmation of entry: You will receive a confirmation of your entry.

Congratulations, we’ll see you at the starting line.

Please note that the process is designed to maintain the privacy of both parties.

Remember that the transfer period runs from July 16 until July 31 at 11:59 P.M.