Guaranteed Entries from 2020

Guaranteed Entries from 2020


Entry Instructions

The in-person 2022 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2022.

Guaranteed Entry registration began December 27, 2021 for our nearly 12,000 individuals who deferred their 2020 entries to a later event instead of taking a refund. (Can’t remember if you deferred your entry from 2020? Click Here to check.)

Your Guaranteed Entry is good for TWO races: Even if you used your Guaranteed Entry to run in the September 12, 2021 event, you may use it again for the April 3, 2022 event. The 2022 event will celebrate the 49th running of the Runner’s Rite of Spring® in our nation’s capital.

On December 28 or 29, individuals who deferred should have received an email with a 2022 Guaranteed Entry Link to a form that they can complete with uniquely identifying information. This generates an entry form for them to enter the 2022 race.

Didn’t Receive Your Guaranteed Entry Link via email? If you did not receive your GEL via email on December 28 or 29, or if you can’t find it, CLICK HERE and enter your Name and Date of Birth on the form that appears and you will be allowed to register for the race.

Note that those with guaranteed entries still have to pay the entry fee for whichever race you choose. However, GEL entrants will be allowed to enter at the 2020 entry fees in effect at the time you deferred your entry in 2020 — $50 for the 10 mile and $40 for the 5K Run-Walk (entry fees for lottery entrants will be $54 for the 10 mile and $44 for the 5K Run-Walk).

The Guaranteed Entry Links are uniquely tied to the person who was granted the deferral and are non-transferrable. 

We will accept Guaranteed Entry Links until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, January 15, 2022. No Guaranteed Entry Links or lottery registrations will be accepted after this date. Once this registration period is closed, those who registered with Guaranteed Entry Links will be accepted into the race.

Special Opportunity to Donate to Children’s Miracle Network

When entering the race or registering for the lottery, registrants will have an opportunity to make a donation directly to our official race charity, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Details will be provided at the time of registration.

A Word on COVID-19

The race organizers reserve the complete right to implement any Covid-19 mitigation policies mandated by municipal or federal authorities or of their own choosing at any time in order to ensure a safe race, and all entrants must comply with these policies. These may include proof of required vaccination and a booster, and/or a negative test within an announced number of hours prior to race day, and implementation of social distancing or other policies designed to ensure a safe race. Runners choosing not to participate due to these policies will not be eligible for a refund of their entry fee or deferral of their entries.

How Many Runners Will Be Accepted into the Race?

We will accept all of our 2020 Deferred Entrants via Guaranteed Entry Links (GELs) and enter all lottery registrants into the lottery during the lottery period, which will run from January 3 – January 16, 2022. After the GEL and lottery period closes on January 16, we will determine the total number of participants allowed in the race based on any COVID-19 limitations in effect at that time (if any), and we will admit all of the GELs and enough lottery registrants to reach that number. If we are confident that there will be no restrictions in April, we will accept our usual number of participants. To recap, this means all of our GELs will be accepted, followed by lottery entrants up to the field size we determine at that time that we can accommodate. The field size will be determined by a combination of municipal outdoor gathering limits and any social-distancing requirements that may be in force. As you can well understand, social distancing requirements will impact the size of the field due to limitations on the space available in our starting area.