Virtual Run

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Virtual Run

Virtual Run: Mar. 20 – Apr. 11, 2021

Thanks to all who participated in Credit Union Cherry Blossom Virtual Run! You can view results below. We hope  you had an enjoyable run among the cherry blossoms in your hometown, and now you can start gearing up for our in-person race, which has been moved to September 12, 2021! For details on the in-person race, Click Here. Note: there will be no virtual run in conjunction with the in-person race on September 12. The next Virtual Run will be held in conjunction with the April 2022 race.

Virtual Run Photo Contests

Click Here to see the winners of our photo contests

View Virtual Run Results

Click Here to view the final Virtual Run results with rankings.

Download Your Finisher Certificate

Click Here to access the Virtual Run results, then enter your name in the Search box and click Search. This will bring up your individual record, or if there is more than one finisher with your name, all finishers of that name. Click on your name in that record to access a more detailed record. You will see a button labeled Certificate under the block with the race name. Click that to access your Finisher Certificate.

View Your Virtual Run Results in RunPix Graphical Format

Click Here  to view your RunPix results. RunPix provides a delightful graphic overview of your finish place including your place in gender and age divison, plus it pin points your location when others finished, spotlights the runners you challenged during those final moments before the virtual finish line and much more.

View Team Leaderboards

Click Here to view Team Leaderboards.

Find Your Virtual Run Blossom on the RunPix Cherry Blossom Trees

Click Here  to look for your blossom on the RunPix Cherry Blossom trees! If your FIRST name starts with A-E, your blossom appears on the big tree. If your FIRST name starts with F-Z, scroll down to the smaller trees at the base of the big tree and click on the appropriate one for the first letter of your First name, and those blossoms will appear on the big tree. 

View the Virtual Run Photo and Video Gallery!

Our virtual run finishers are sending in a lot of great photos and videos of their virtual runs! Click Here to get inspired!

There Is Still Time to Order Dog Swag!

Did your dog complete the Virtual Run? Be sure to celebrate his or her accomplishment with a doggie car magnet, doggie bandanna, or Credit Union Cherry Blossom dog collar from the CUCB Merchandise site.