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Submit Virtual Run Photos

Submit Your Virtual Run Photos and Videos!

2022 Virtual Run Presented by MedStar Health

March 20 – April 17, 2022

The Virtual Run Photo Album and Virtual Run Photo Contests

You can submit your photos and videos here for inclusion in our 2022 Virtual Run Photo Album and to any of our five Virtual Run Photo Contests during the Virtual Run period (March 20-April 17). The full Virtual Run Photo Album will be posted so you can see your own photos and videos and everyone else’s after the Virtual Run concludes on April 17. Voting for the various photo contests  will occur after the Virtual Run ends on April 17.  You will be able to submit photos anytime during the virtual run period. You can enter one photo in each of the following categories:

Sponsor Photos

Pay tribute to CUCB’s Sponsors! This event would not be possible without the contributions and support of our fantastic sponsors: VR Presenting Sponsor MedStar, Asics, Garmin, Potomac River Running, Wegmans, and Gatorade. So flash your Garmin and favorite pair of Asics, finish your run outside your local Credit Union, or pick up a recovery meal from Wegmans, and share your photos with us!

Favorite Furred Friend & Training Partner

Mostly likely your dog, but if you have a cat or a hamster who runs, we’d love to see the photos. Whoever the friend and training partner is, share your joint accomplishments with us!


Whether it’s cherry blossoms, daffodils, tulips or azaleas, show yourself amidst some springtime splendor during your run.

Group Photo

Celebrate your accomplishment with family, friends or team members during or after your virtual run.

Everything Else

This is a catch-all category for any great photos we receive that don’t fit into any of the other four categories. This is your chance to get creative with your virtual run!

After voting ends, a prize will  be awarded to the winner in each category. You may submit as many photos as you want, but you must fill out a separate form for each photo you submit.

How to Submit Your Photos