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Virtual Run Instructions

Instructions for Participating in the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Virtual Run Presented by MedStar Health

We are providing you with the RTRT Remote Racing App as part of the official race experience for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Virtual Run. You will be able to use the App on your phone to record your Virtual Run and submit photos of your accomplishment for our photo contests. Just follow the steps below:


1. Setup your Race Profile on the RTRT Remote Racing App!

There are two ways to get the App on your phone:

OPTION 1: We are providing you with the RTRT Remote Racing App as part of the official race experience for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Virtual run. You will use your mobile device to complete the virtual event – your phone is your timing chip! You will receive an email from ‘Cherry Blossom Virtual Run’ on March 1 (email from address: no-reply@rtrt.me) with detailed instructions on how to get the App and connect your race profile. Do you need to get the email resent? CLICK HERE to re-send the connect and claim email. (Note: if you enter the Virtual Run after March 1, you will obviously receive your App instructions email after that date).

OPTION 2: You can alternatively download the app FIRST and then search for the event. ‘CUCB Virtual Run’ and find your runner profile. There is a claim button you will then use to verify your profile and connect to your device. CLICK HERE to download the app.

Did you register multiple people using the same email address?  Please download the app first on each device and then follow the OPTION 2 instructions above.

Helpful Links:

    • CLICK HERE for more RTRT instructions & tips.
    • CLICK HERE for FAQs to answer your questions about connecting and using the RTRT Remote Racing App.
    • CLICK HERE for a detailed instructional video on what to fully expect with the App.

2. Complete your Virtual Event!

Complete the virtual event using the device you setup in Step 1 above!  Be sure to share with your family and friends so they can track your accomplishment! Send them a link to download the app: https://rtrt.me/app/cucb-virtual

Alternatives to Using Your Phone:

If your prefer using another device and want to import your run, if you are doing your run on a treadmill, don’t worry, you can still report your result:

Using Strava or a Garmin: You have the option of importing your run from Strava or Garmin if you do not want to use your phone. On your tracking page in the RTRT app, just click the “Import” button.

Are You Running/Walking on a Treadmill? Sorry, tracking is for outdoor activities only. The app uses GPS to measure your progress, so you need to be moving (not stationary like on a treadmill) and have a relatively clear view of the sky. Please send us an email and we can manually insert your time if you need to run indoors – send an email to help@delmopro.com.

Need Further Help? Just send an email to help@delmopro.com.

More About Your Run

Practice Before March 20th: before the start date you can use the RTRT App to ‘Practice’ your event on training runs.

Run Again: You can complete the virtual event as many times as you would like during the virtual period.  Note: the most recent run will be used for your results.


3. Submit Photos for the Photo Contests!

During the participation period you will be able to submit photos for our Photo Gallery, and for our photo contest consisting of 5 categories: Sponsor Photos, Favorite Furred Friend or Training Partner, Springtime, Group Photo, and Everything Else.

4. Receive Your T-Shirt and Medal

These items will be shipped out in mid-May.