T-Shirt Art Design Contest Now Open


T-Shirt Art Contest – Draft

Enter the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and 5K Run-Walk Art Design Contest!

The organizers of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile and 5K Run-Walk are seeking artwork for our 2023  race t-shirts. The winning design is selected by members of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Organizing Committee.

The design will be used on short-sleeved cotton and performance “upgrade” shirts received by 20,000 participants, long-sleeved cotton volunteer shirts given to 2500 volunteers, and as the official race poster. In addition, variations of the design may be used on official race merchandise sold on the website and at the Health and Fitness Expo.

The design should reflect the Ten Mile Run. However, the artist of the winning design will be required to create a variation for the 5K Run-Walk and may be asked to create a variation for race merchandise.* (see note below).

  • The 2023 race marks the 50th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. Designs that commemorate and capture the festivity of this occasion are encouraged.
  • The deadline for submission of designs is September 1, 2022.
  • The winning artist will receive $1,000 compensation for the Ten Mile artwork, the 5K variation and other possible variations for race merchandise.

Ten Mile Run T-Shirt Design Requirements

Here are the requirements and some suggestions:

  • The artwork must BE ORIGINAL and include the name of the race, “Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run,” the race date, “April 2, 2023” and “Washington, DC.” This can either be incorporated into the art or appear underneath it.
  • Outside of these requirements, we are quite open to different concepts – you can include or not include cherry blossoms, Memorials, runners, etc.
  • It is generally not a good idea to include too much pink in the design. Despite being the color most associated with the blossoms (although many of the blossoms are actually white), designs with too much pink are frequently not popular with our male runners (although the event is over 60% women), who tell us that sometimes the shirts are “too feminine.”
  • Our slogan for the race is “The Runner’s Rite of Spring”, although this does not have to be incorporated into the design.
  • Please note that we use the word “Ten” instead of the digits “10” in the name of the race. The  official name of the race is “Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run”.
  • If your artwork includes runners, we encourage designs that showcase the diversity of our running community.
  • 2023 is the 50th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. Designs that commemorate and capture the festivity of this occasion are encouraged.
  • If your design is selected, you will need to develop variants of the design suitable for the 5K Run-Walk, posters, merchandise, signs, printed and electronic materials, and a virtual run if necessary

Art Submissions

  • Please submit graphic file(s) of the artwork in.jpg and/or .eps AND .pdf formats directly to Arlene Solbeck, T-Shirt Design Coordinator at solbeck.arlene@gmail.com. The .pdf file  is necessary for the judging.
  • Please submit design(s) as attachments to the email submission, not embedded in an email.
  • You may submit more than one design.

CLOSING DATE: All submissions must be made by the end of the day on Thursday, September 1, 2022.

The Winning Artist Will Receive:

    • $1,000 for use of the artwork
    • 2 paid entries to the Ten Mile race or the 5K Run-Walk, plus travel and lodging to the race weekend (April 1-2, 2023) in Washington, DC
    • Merchandise from ASICS, our official shoe and apparel sponsor
    • An invitation to our Saturday night VIP-Sponsor-Elite Athlete reception and banquet at the Washington Renaissance Hotel

Terms of Use and Deadline

  • If your artwork is selected, you will sign a release granting Cherry Blossom, Inc. unlimited rights for use of the design
  • The deadline for receipt of submissions is September 1, 2022.

* PLEASE NOTE: The Cherry Blossom T-shirt design committee reserves the right to select a totally different design by a different artist for the 5K Run-Walk t-shirt.

Kids Run T-Shirt Design Contest

We will be holding a t-shirt design contest for our 2023 Kids Run. Budding young artists aged 12 and under should check back here for all the details in January 2023.