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Team Entry

Team Competition Entry Process



Team competition takes place in the 10 mile only in the divisions listed below. (Team entry fees are noted for each division. Please note that the team entry fees are the fees required to create the team and are distinct from the individual entry fees each entrant pays to enter the race. All runners being placed on a team must pay the individual entry fee of $50; the team captain must pay the one-time entry fee for the team.)

    • Credit Union Team (team entry fee $50)
    • Corporate Team (team entry fee $50)
    • Educational Institution Team (team entry fee $50)
    • Embassy Team (team entry fee $50)
    • Government Team (team entry fee $50)
    • Media Team (team entry fee $50)
    • Military Team (team entry fee $50)
    • Running Club Team – Open Men, Open Women or Mixed Masters (team entry fee $20)
    • Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team – Men and Women divisions (team entry fee $50) (Note: The elite teams in this division compete for $1,000 in prize money.)

Note: There is a Capitol Hill Team competition as well. Prospective Capitol Hill teams should not register as Government teams. For details on the Capitol Hill division please contact Sarah Turner at chc@cherryblossom.org.

Team Rules and Requirements

Teams are limited to a maximum of five members, with the top three counting in the team scoring. The three scoring members must include at least one runner of each sex. (The exceptions are Running Club open men’s and open women’s teams, and Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Teams, which are single sex teams). CLICK HERE for complete Team Rules.

Team registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on July 31.

Team Registration

The first step that must happen for Team Registration is the Team Captain must Create the Team. If you know that the team you want to join has already been created, skip to Step 2: Place Runners Onto a Team.

 Step 1: Create the Team

Prospective team captains (who are not required to be entrants in the race, although they may be) can CLICK HERE to create the team.

If this is the first 2021 team you are creating as a team captain, you will need to “Create a Profile.” If you have already registered another team for the 2021 race, you will be asked to provide your User ID and password. (Note: user IDs and passwords from previous years are not retained; you must “Create a Profile” for the 2021 race even if you had one in the past.)

Once you have created your profile as a Team Captain, you may create your team (See STEP 2: Place Runners onto a Team below). Please note these important team policies:

    • Creating a team and paying the team entry fee does not register the team captain or any team member for the Cherry Blossom Ten-Mile. It only registers an “empty” team.
    • A single Team Captain may create more than one team.
    • You will select a Team Division from one of the categories above. Elite Running Store teams should register for the Washington Metropolitan Area Elite Team Division. Non-elite Running Store teams may register in the Running Club division if they are an RRCA or USATF club, or in the Corporate division if they are not.

Step 2: Place Runners onto a Team

There are two ways for runners to be placed onto teams:

OPTION A is for the Team Captain to use to place runners onto the team who ARE ALREADY REGISTERED for the race.

 OPTION B is for individual runners who are NOT already registered for the race but wish to sign up for the team when they register for the race.


OPTION A: Team Captains Place Runners onto a Team Who Are Already Registered for the Race

      • The Team Captain should CLICK HERE to log in.
      • Click the “Manage Teams” option, then search for individually registered runners and “draft” them on to the team.
      •  Only Team Captains may place – or remove – already registered runners onto or off of teams by this method. These actions must be accomplished through the “Team Tools” function available to Team Captains when they are logged in.

Confirmations: The Team Captain will be emailed a confirmation of the team members after team registration is closed. The team captain may review this information at any time by accessing the “Team Tools” function.


OPTION B: Individuals Register for a Team When They Register for the Race

    •  If you are an individual registering for the race and wish to be on a team, you should know the name of that team and CLICK HERE prior to registering for the race as an individual.
    •  This will take you to a form where you can search by the name of the team or by the name of an individual who is already on the team you wish to join. (Note that you also have the options on this page to “Register a New Team,” or “Register as a New Individual,” not part of any team).
    • If the team has been created or the individual you search for is already part of a created team, you will be taken to a new form indicating that team (along with any other previously registered members of that team) with a link to “Join Team.”
    • Click on the “Join Team” link and you will be taken to an entry form that will allow you to register for the race as a member of that team. You will see the name of the team you are signing up for directly under the header “Register.”

Please note that the Team Captain of the team you register for still has the right to remove you from that team.

Once you go through these steps, you are all set to be part of the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Team Competition!


If you have questions about Team Competition, please email info@cherryblossom.org.

Good luck going for the team bragging rights within your division.