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Runcoach Gold Training

Runcoach GOLD Training Program

The Runcoach GOLD online training program allows you to join a community of fellow Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile/5K Trainees! The Runcoach GOLD training service combines a dynamic application with personalized training programs and the support of certified coaches (responses usually received within 24 hrs.). On average, trainees improve finishing times by 7% and the program also offers a fun rewards program (sponsored by Garmin) throughout your training journey.

Runcoach Online Training:  Run Your Best With a Certified Coach

Coaches Ashley, Hiruni, Rosie & Tom are here to help you run your best on race day.  Runners who train with the Runcoach app and coaching service improve finishing times by an average of 7%.  The program provides an interactive app experience and audio led workout guidance with 1:1 support from certified coaches.  All 2022 Credit Union Cherry Blossom runners will receive an exclusive membership offer for Runcoach Gold membership during race registration = $20 to train through race day.  Sign-up with race registration and receive 60% off Runcoach Gold (normally $19.95/mo) and run your best on race day!