Runcoach Int/Adv Training

Runcoach Training Programs

Runcoach Intermediate and Advanced Program

This FREE program is designed for entrants with projected 10 mile times faster than 1:55:00 and 5K times faster than 37:30.

As a participant you will receive a FREE log-in to Runcoach where you can build a free and personalized training plan. Runcoach allows you to plan your workouts and track your runs at no additional cost to you.

During Lottery Registration or Guaranteed Entry Registration you will be placed in the Beginner Training Program or the Intermediate/Advanced Training Program based on your predicted finish time (you may opt out of these programs if you wish). If you didn’t sign up for the Intermediate/Advanced Training Program but now wish to do so, click the Sign-up button below. 

Signup closes July 31, 2021

Runcoach Gold Program ($20.00)

Runcoach also offers a specialized training program that provides more personalized coaching for a $20 fee.

ONE-TIME offer for $20 (Regular Value $160). Runcoach GOLD offers even more support and 1:1 contact with certified, U.S.-based Coaches. You will be assigned to a Coach. An email with instructions for activating your Runcoach training program and profile will be sent to all runners picked in the lottery who selected this training option when registering. (If you are not selected in the lottery, you will not be charged for the program.) If you did not select this training program during Lottery or Guaranteed Entry Registration but now wish to do so, just click the Sign-up button below.

Signup closes July 31, 2021