Our Race Ambassadors

Meet the 2021 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race Ambassadors!


The Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run selected four runners to join the 2020 legacy ambassadors to be the 2021 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race Ambassadors Team. These individuals will spend the next few months telling the world all about their race experiences on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their blogs. Our Race Ambassadors get free entry into the race, apparel from our race sponsors, and invites to all of our VIP events. We will be selecting CUCB 2022 Ambassadors after the 2021 race – the application will open in October! Click Here for details!

Sammy Carr

Sammy is a Fairfax, VA, native who discovered her passion for running in college after signing up for an 8K race in 2016. After experiencing the positive impacts of an active lifestyle, she became a volunteer coach through Girls on the Run of Northern Virginia and just completed her fifth season. Sammy had signed up to run the CUCB 10 Mile Run in 2020 after multiple patients at work raved about the supportive race environment and experience the CUCB provides. Even though the race moved to a virtual platform, she had to be a part of it. The following year she ran the CUBC Virtual 10 Mile Run again and cut almost 20 minutes from her time. She is beyond excited to run the race in person with fellow runners. Follow her first in-person CUCB journey on Instagram

Kim Griffin

Kim is from Northern Virginia and began running in 2015 with a dream to run a half marathon! That dream escalated quickly and she has now run 8 marathons, over 20 half marathons and numerous other races! Kim loves to make running fun and can often be seen running along the W&OD trail in full costume with her running buddies. Since starting to run in 2015, she has been part of the PRR training programs as both a participant and a coach and finds great passion helping others reach their running goals. She is excited to run her 5th Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run this fall and help cheer for everyone running it as well! You can follow her on Instagram at @kimmyrunstheworld.

Keisha Parker

Keisha is from everywhere and nowhere as she is a child of the military. She moved to D.C. in 2016 and began running in 2018 after she had a drastic haircut (life changes, amirite?). Since then Keisha has completed multiple races including 5Ks, 10Ks and the B.A.A. Half Marathon. Keisha describes herself as the athlete that everyone can relate to: someone who just wants to have a tight butt and also be able to eat a whole pizza from time to time. This will be her first time attempting the 10 miler and she is super excited! You can follow her on Instagram at @keishaberunning.

Nicholas Brown

Nicholas A. Brown is a Honduran-American recreational runner who lives in Prince George’s County, Maryland and grew up in the Boston area, where he served in the 215th Army Band. He is currently a public library executive, musician, and adjunct faculty at the Catholic University of America. Nicholas is an avid runner of 5K races and finds them to be a great way to have fun while keeping motivated with wellness. He loves to travel, visit national parks, and go on hikes with his partner Chris and their two rescue dachshund-mix pups, Dolly Parton Madison and Teddy Kennedy Obama. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @frenchhorn88. 

Legacy Credit Union Cherry Blossom Race Ambassadors


Kristen Byers

Kristen grew up in Michigan and moved around the country a bit before settling in Washington, D.C. in 2014. A retired roller derby skater, she discovered distance running after having ACL reconstruction surgery and ran her first half marathon in 2016. Kristen has since completed over a dozen half marathons and three full marathons. While she enjoys training locally in the DMV, Kristen loves using running as an excuse to travel and meet new people (or meet up with old friends!). Follow her @kristenbyers on Instagram and Twitter at or check out her blog at Purple Sneakers.


Colleen Dahlem

Colleenan 8-time marathoner and fitness instructor, is the author of “Live Free and Run,” a healthy living and fitness blog that stemmed from her journey to fitness post-baby. She is a first grade teacher, wife and mom. Colleen loves running the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and has only missed one year since living in the DC area (she was getting her RRCA run coach certification that weekend one year!). It is always a beautiful weekend to be a tourist in her own city, run a great race and enjoy post-race brunch downtown with running friends!  She is proud to be an ambassador for CUCB! You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @livefreeandrun.


Jina Freiberg

Jina is originally from Queens, NY, and now lives in Northern Virginia. She got into running a few years ago when she moved to the DC area and officially became a marathoner at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon. She has participated in many Potomac River Running training programs to prepare for races, and kept going back because of the supportive coaches and runners. When she isn’t running, she works in social justice philanthropy and enjoys adventures with her husband and dog Rufus. She is excited to run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Miler again and looks forward to connecting with the running community! Feel free to follow her on Instagram at @heyitsjina.


Brian Kapur

Brian is an Arlington, VA, native and relatively new to running. He started running in 2015 as part of a lifestyle change after dealing with health issues like high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Since then, he has lost roughly 70 pounds and completed 14 half marathons, 4 full marathons and his first ultra— the Marine Corps Marathon 50K. As a bigger runner, he prides himself on spreading the sport and sharing his story with the hopes that others will throw on a pair of shoes and give it a try. Most of his training happens with Most of his training happens with Copper, his lanky Black and Tan coonhound, and Harley, his Vizsla pup, by his side. In addition to running, Brian is an avid yogi and a certified instructor. The 10 miler is his favorite distance because it’s not the grind of a half marathon or more, and you can really hone in on PRs and speed. He believes Race-cations are life and that you need to run hard, but always brunch harder. Follow Brian on Instagram at @BKrunsonyoga and on Twitter at @BrianKapur.