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Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run & 5K Walk/Run

New Bike Lanes

New Bike Lanes Installed – Use Extra Caution

Since last fall’s race, the National Park Service and the DC Government have installed new bike lanes notably on two parts of the course:

  • 15th St. between Constitution Ave. and Independence Ave. continuing down Raoul Wallenberg Place to the Tidal Basin, and on
  • Maine Ave. and East Basin Dr. just past the five mile mark as the course circles the Tidal Basin.

The addition of these bike lanes will require additional caution on the part of all participants.

Bike Lanes at the Start

The bike lanes are located on the west side (Lincoln Memorial side) of 15th St. between Constitution Ave. and Independence Ave. We have modified the starting line up in a number of ways since we lost 20% of the available corral space on 15th St.

  • We have reduced the number of corrals from six to five in order to speed up the starting waves and we will shorten the amount of time between the release of each wave.
  • Runners will not be permitted to line up for the start in the bike lane. There will be a line of barricades abutting the rubber curbing which separates the bike lane from vehicle lanes and runners will enter the corrals on the street through these openings.
  • Due to the reduced amount of space on the roadway, runners may have to gather outside the openings to their corrals. We will allow all runners in each corral to move onto the roadway and start with their corral before the next corral moves up to the starting line, so there is no need to push and shove to make sure you have a spot on the roadway.

Access to the corrals may be easier from the east side of 15th St. (the side closest to the Capitol Building). Starters may cross over to the east side either at Madison Dr. or at the Constitution Ave. sidewalks.

Bike Lanes on the Course

At two locations on the course, runners during the period of peak density (those running between 10-11 minutes per mile pace) may be divided so some are in a bike lane while others are on the roadway for a short distance. Volunteers will announce when these sections are approaching and nudge some runners into the bike lane as needed. In addition, there will be signs and barricades along the split sections. Runners should use extreme caution and not attempt to cross over from the bike lane to the roadway during these stretches, which are less than several hundred yards at most.