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Pace Groups

Pace Groups

Want to reach the finish line in a specific amount of time? Want to run a set pace per mile? If so, the Pace Groups are the answer. Joining a Pace Group is open to all runners and is free. Just look for the pace group signs in your corral. The person holding the sign will run the entire race carrying the sign and will aim for getting the group to the finish line at the assigned pace.

What are the Pace Groups?

A pace group is led by an individual who is a trained expert to run a set pace per mile during the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run. By joining a Pace Group, you will benefit from experienced pace setters and enjoy the camaraderie of running with people who have the same goal time as you.

What paces will the Pace Groups be running?

Pace Per Mile Finish Time Corral Color
(min) (hours/min)  
6:30 1hr 5min Yellow
7:00 1hr 10min Yellow
7:30 1hr 15min Red
8:00 1hr 20min Red
8:30 1hr 25min Red
9:00 1hr 30min Blue
9:30 1hr 35min Orange
10:00 1hr 40min Orange
10:30 1hr 45min Green
11:00 1hr 50min Green
11:30 1hr 55min Green
12:00 2 hours Purple

Where do I meet up with my Gold’s Gym Pace Group on race morning?

All Pace Leaders will be carrying signs corresponding to their designated set pace time. Plan on getting to your corral by 7:15 A.M. in order to allow time to find your Pace Group Leader. Consult the chart above to see which corrals the Pace Leaders will be lining up in.

Are we going to start on pace?

More or less. A lot depends on the crowd at the start. With over 12,000 runners, it can be challenging for anyone to stay on pace in the first two miles. Sticking with your Pace Leader will ensure you still finish in your goal time.

Will my Pace Group stop at Water-Gatorade stations?

The Pace Leaders will slow down at the water-Gatorade stations to make sure everyone remains properly hydrated.