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Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run & 5K Walk/Run

Race Time Limits

Ten Mile Time Limit

No runner who takes longer than 2:20:00 to finish the race from the time they cross the starting line will be given an official finishing time. This is true regardless of the corral in which you start the race. So if you start in the Green corral at 7:45 but it takes you another minute to actually cross the start line, then you would have until 10:06 A.M. to finish the race and be scored. If you are in the Red corral, which starts at 7:32, but it takes you a minute to cross the starting line, then you have until 9:53 A.M. to finish the race. If you don’t beat the time limit in that case, you will be able to finish the race since the finish line won’t be closed, but you won’t get an official finishing time. As a result, all we can post is the time the finish line will be closed (10:20 A.M.) – it doesn’t mean everyone who finishes before that time will be scored. This means that trying to jump into a faster corral that starts earlier won’t make your finish time limit any longer. Remember, if you are concerned about the 2:20:00 finish time limit, you can always switch to the 5K Run-Walk and enjoy a less stressful run or walk. The 5K finish time limit is 1:05:00 (21:55 pace per mile).